Massachusetts Man Wins 8th Annual Sunshine Insurance

A Northampton, Massachusetts man who has competed in 100 ultramarathons, breezed past his competitors Sunday to win the 8th annual Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas (SIMB).

Leigh Schmit, 44, finished with a time of 2:52:21.

Schmit said he has run 20 marathons so far.

“I did this (Marathon Bahamas) two years ago and I had bad cramps. Now, I’m pretty much acclimated to the heat,” said Schmit who lives in Eleuthera.

“The temperature was perfect for my run and the aid stations were perfect. I was able to carry my stuff, so it was great.”

Amos Desjardins, last year’s winner, finished second in the marathon.

The 35-year-old Alexandria, VA resident finished with a time of 3:04:46 seconds.

“It’s a little disappointing, but I’ll be back next year for sure,” he said.

Antoine Bosfield, 35, of Nassau Bahamas, finished in third place with a time of 3:04:51.

Chen Lo, 33, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the top female finisher with a time of 3:17:52.

According to Sunshine Insurance, which organized and sponsored the marathon, women made up 60 per cent of this year’s runners; tourists accounted for 30 per cent.

For the second year in a row, Boca Raton, Florida resident, Jonathan Volpi, 33, ran away with the half marathon, clocking a time of 1:14:43.

Freeport, Grand Bahama resident, Keithrell Hanna, 43, followed in second place for a second year in a row, with a time of 1:21:20.

Mike Wong of Chicago, Illinois placed third with a time of 1:27:02.

Wong stunned the crowd as he crossed the finish line with a broken arm in a sling.

Florencia Morales, 38, of Argentina, was the top female half marathon finisher with a time of 1:29:42.

St Anne’s High School was the top finisher in the student run category. The team, which included, Omavi Collison, Philip Armbrister, Vincent Gardiner and Regan Cartwright won with a time of 3:09:40.

In the adult relays, Bald Eagles, which included Jason Maynard, Desmond Maynard, Nikita Sumner and Bradley Thomas, placed first in the male division with a time of 3:09:26.

In the female division, GBPA Pacers took first place. Their team, Maybell Bridgewater, Cosetta Hall, Shareka Hanna and Gwenique Musgrove, finished with a time of 4:13:28.

In the coed division, Jay Fitness Run took first place with a time of 3:26:23. Their team included Yunelis Lightbourne, Donovan Rolle, Tamika Roberts and Cameron Roach.

Results for the marathon, half marathon and relay may be viewed on