Every time you get behind the wheel you take a risk. Every time you get behind the wheel without insurance, you’re taking an even greater risk.
We know that auto insurance can be confusing. Sunshine Insurance is here to help. Our skilled, professional team of agents is here to help you get the best competitive rates for your comprehensive/third party motor policies. And because we are a broker, we work to get you more than one quote.

Comprehensive Motor Cover
Under the comprehensive motor coverage, the main exposure is liability and loss of, or damage to, both your vehicle and/or third party vehicle/fire/theft. For a small additional premium, you can get added coverage – protection of your NCD (No Claim Bonus/Discount), roadside assistance, loss of use while the vehicle is being repaired, increased coverage in your windscreen damage cover.
Third Party Motor Cover
Under third party coverage, the main exposure is liability to a third party. For an additional premium, you can get protection to your vehicle should you be involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle and windscreen damage cover.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay
We know that money is a big determining factor when looking for insurance. Insurance coverage varies from person to person. However, Sunshine Insurance, as an insurance broker, will work to get you several quotes. Our qualified agents are skilled at securing the best rates on the market.

Safe Drivers Save Big`
Your no claim discount (NCD) is the single biggest factor in determining your premium. You will be rewarded for a safe driving record. Once you’ve had motor insurance for a year or more without making a claim, you should be eligible for a ‘no claim discount’ or ‘no claim bonus.’ This usually amounts to a reduction of 30% on your premium in the first year, rising in annual steps to a maximum of 60 or 65%, (comprehensive).

If you make a claim, your no claim bonus will be reduced or disallowed. If you have built up a higher rate of bonus, most insurers will usually reduce it by two years, rather than disallowing it altogether. Sometimes it may be cheaper to pay for minor damage yourself, rather than risk losing your bonus.

No Fault Accident
What happens if the accident was not your fault? If you have protected or guaranteed your ‘no claim bonus’ this should be preserved following an incident. However, if it is not protected it will be stepped back until the claim is resolved and a recovery made in full from the guilty third party. Your no claim bonus shouldn’t be affected if the insurer is able to recover the cost of the claim from the party who was to blame.
It’s important that you inform us of all incidents of damage or loss, however small, even if you do not make a claim for them. There have been cases where insurance companies have refused to meet claims because the driver failed to disclose previous incidents.

Most policies carry an own damage deductible. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the level of the deductible. Check with us before buying your car. We will run Carfax checks on the vehicle you are considering to ensure that it is not previously damaged or has any other potential problems. Our engineers can conduct thorough inspections to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Both our Carfax checks and engineer’s inspections are free of charge.

It is essential that each person you wish to drive your vehicle is noted on the certificate of insurance as a driver. Failure to do so could invalidate your insurance cover and would be a breach of the law. Under certain circumstances and for an additional premium, policies may be issued on an open driving basis whereby certain categories of drivers (anyone between the ages of 25-70) will be authorized to drive.

Premium payment
We are more than happy to work with you to establish a premium payment option that best fits your budget.

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