About Us

Sunshine Insurance (Agents & Brokers) Ltd is a leading insurance broker in The Bahamas and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings Limited. We are the local correspondent in the country for MARSH, a leading risk specialist in the world. Sunshine Insurance has two locations in The Bahamas – the company’s headquarters on East Shirley Street and a second branch on Baillou Hill Road.

The company was incorporated in November 1994. In the beginning, satisfying the holding company’s insurance needs was the core of the business. However, business rapidly expanded into the local market and strong ties were formed with both local and overseas insurance providers.

In 1999, Sunshine Insurance became cover holders for Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance market. As cover holders, we are able to bind cover (cover you temporarily until the policy is issued) on certain classes of business on your behalf.

In 2003, we became the correspondent brokers for Marsh – the world’s #1 risk specialist – and provide seamless service to their global clients’ regional operations in The Bahamas. This relationship also gives us, the local broker, global reach in providing insurance products to our clients.