Elmira College to offer study abroad program in The Bahamas

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) — A local college in the Southern Tier is partnering with the University of The Bahamas, to give students the opportunity to study abroad.

On Monday, Elmira College and the University of The Bahamas signed an agreement allowing students to study abroad for a full-semester in either New York or the Bahamas.

“We have a long and rich history with the Commonwealth of the Bahamas through our scholarship program with Sunshine Insurance, the research opportunities that Franon Wilson mentioned on San Salvador and now what I see as a culminating relationship with the University of The Bahamas,” says Dr. Charles Lindsay, President of Elmira College.

The partnership program will provide several opportunities for study abroad students. Students will earn college credit, have international exposure and real-life experiences through this program.

Dr. Lindsay added, “I think the agreement with the University of The Bahamas will enable our students to take advantage of the many opportunities at the University of The Bahamas to have this culturally enriching experience and provide them with a meaningful study of abroad experience.”

The University of The Bahamas says they have been looking forward to this type of partnership for a long time.

“Several years ago now, we started talking about an institution-wide policy that would require all University of The Bahamas students to have at least one study abroad opportunity before they graduate from the university. This opportunity with Elmira College will allow that to become a reality. We are moving closer and closer to making that an institution-wide policy,” says Dr. Rodney Smith, President of the University of The Bahamas.

Currently, more than a hundred alumni from Elmira College are living in the Bahamas.

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