About Us

Sunshine Insurance (Agents & Brokers) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings Limited. Sunshine Holdings Limited was established in 1972 by a group of Bahamian businessmen whose youth energy and vision led to their being referred to as "The Sunshine Boys". Their mission was to prove that a group of Bahamian businessmen, of humble origin, could own and manage successful businesses. Their vision was to create a Bahamian "Blue Chip" Company. Over time their interests grew to include:

  • Sunshine Group of Companies
  • Arawak Homes Limited
    "A company that has built more homes for more Bahamians than any other in the history of the Bahamas."
  • Eleuthera Properties Limited
  • RoyalStar Assurance
  • Cotton Bay Limited

Sunshine Insurance was incorporated in November 1994. Originally the holding company's insurance needs were the core of the business. Subsequently the business expanded into the local market. Strong relationships were developed with both local and overseas insurance providers.

In 1999 we became coverholders for Lloyds of London and as such are able to bind cover on certain classes of business on their behalf.

In 2003 we became the correspondent brokers for Marsh (the world's #1 risk specialist) and provide seamless service to their global clients' regional operations in The Bahamas. This relationship also gives us, the local broker, global reach in the provision of insurance products to our clients.

Our Vision, as a leading provider of insurance and other risk management services, is to satisfy the needs of organizations and individuals anywhere in The Bahamas. As a Bahamian controlled company, with a well-trained, qualified staff of lengthy tenure, we will have an increasing number of clients who acknowledge that we meet or exceed their expectations.

Our most valuable resource is our personnel. We have a cadre of professionals who are committed to meeting or exceeding our clients' expectations. In addition to our team of insurance professionals, all of whom are licensed by the Office of the Registrar of Insurance Companies, we have in house legal counsel, architects, engineers and finance experts all of whom we call upon to assist in the delivery of risk management and insurance services to our clients.